In all seriousness, however, much respect and condolences to those who have lost their lives in the recent days. What we’re witnessing now in these countries is so radical, that I do not think we (my generation) acknowledge the gravity of the situation. We’re living in some interesting times, for sure.

(But really though, that’s basically what’s going on in the Middle East/Mediterranean. Thing is, people aren’t walking away.)




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  1. Its sad. We can tweet and facebook and blog about it all we want, but the truth is people are dying. Losing their lives and we’re so indifferent to it. Like we’ll tweet but not actually really care or do anything to stop it.

    Clever use of the cat meme though :)

  2. I don’t ordinarily think of icanhascheezburger’s content in terms of politics, but that macro sums up Gadhafi’s attitude pretty succinctly.
    The guy is CRAZY. He’d rather see his country destroyed than step down.
    My little sister linked in her blog to picture #8 of this collection of protest signs, some of which are pretty clever. http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/the-best-libyan-protest-signs-from-around-the-worl

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