What you didn’t know about Hellen Keller

I’m watching that History Channel special, America: The Story of Us and it’s basically a textbook with a hot soundtrack.

Now I’m aware of how these sort of things work. I’m aware of how textbooks never give the full picture, and how history is always distorted. Did you know that Woodrow Wilson wanted to expatriate Hellen Keller for being too outspoken? Yeah it’s ironic, but you didn’t know that did you? She was laying amazing groundwork for the rights & services we take for granted today: she helped found the ACLU, was a strict pacifist, and she was seeing Mark Twain on the side. She was dropping bombs on Woody harder than Nas did on Jay-Z (See Example 1: “Ether”). And all of you thought her biggest accomplishment was learning to spell “water” with her hands. Do you even know how hard it is to even sign language?

Grab this book and get reading!


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